The Farstriders: A Deckbuilding Journey Pt. 2

You may have seen recently the start of my deckbuilding adventure with Sanson’s Farstriders, if not go check out part one of this series here. Sanson’s Farstriders were one of the first warbands I played, and while they’ve often struggled to be competitive I’ve always found them to be an interesting strategic challenge. Essentially their… Continue Reading →

The Farstriders: A Deckbuilding Journey Pt. 1

I’ve had a long love affair with The Farstriders, since I started playing Warhammer Underworlds in season 2. They’ve always held a unique place in the game as one of only 2 predominantly ranged warbands, with simple mechanics (no reactions or special rules), and a small model count. Farstriders through the ages When they were… Continue Reading →

New to Underworlds: What are formats?

If you’ve talked to anyone online recently about Warhammer Underworlds, you’ve probably heard the term Rivals or Rivals+ thrown around. Maybe you wanted advice on which warbands to buy and someone told you that Rippa’s Snarlfangs have a really strong Rivals deck, or you might have seen a recent tournament, such as the Clash of… Continue Reading →

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