Who Are The Leagues Of Votann?

The Leagues of Votann have crashed back into the eternal colosseum that is the 41st millenium. Space Dwarves, Squats (though maybe don't let them hear you say that) and now Kin - this hardy race have been known under several names throughout the years. Short, stocky and long lived they're considered by the Imperium as... Continue Reading →

Who Are The Necrons?

The Necrons are another of the numerous Xenos forces occupying the universe that continually threaten the Imperium of Man. There's a lot of mystery surrounding the Necrons, who's implacable, soulless, metallic, humanoid warriors have slumbered in stasis on their tomb worlds for more than sixty million Terran years, with the history of their empire beginning... Continue Reading →

What is Chaos: The Great Horned Rat

The most recent addition to the pantheon of Chaos in the Age of Sigmar, the Great Horned Rat is the God of ruin, strife, decay, ambition, and the patron God of the Skaven, his sole worshipers. The story of the Great Horned Rat is also very much the story of his children, and to talk... Continue Reading →

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