What is Chaos: The Great Horned Rat

The most recent addition to the pantheon of Chaos in the Age of Sigmar, the Great Horned Rat is the God of ruin, strife, decay, ambition, and the patron God of the Skaven, his sole worshipers. The story of the Great Horned Rat is also very much the story of his children, and to talk... Continue Reading →

What is Chaos: Slaanesh

Slaanesh, The Dark Prince, Lord of Excess, She Who Thirsts is the Chaos God of pleasure, excess, desire, hedonism and passion, and is considered the youngest of their brethren. To indulge in your darkest fantasies at the cost of all else, to desire nothing less than the bliss of perfection, these are the ways mortals... Continue Reading →

What is Chaos: Nurgle

The Plague Lord, Plaguefather, Lord of Decay, Fly Lord and, to his followers, Papa Nurgle, is the God of disease, decay, despair, life and death. Nurgle’s power waxes and wanes with the tides of his contagions and the strength of the despair he inspires across reality, thus scholars consider Nurgle to be the third most... Continue Reading →

What is Chaos: Tzeentch

The Changer of Ways, The Lord of Sorcery, The Architect of Fate, Great Deceiver, Raven God; 999 are the names given to Tzeentch, one of the four great Gods of Chaos whose domain encompasses change, magic, deceit, hope, ambition and destiny. Tzeentch is prayed to from remote wizard towers, smoky corporate boardrooms and noble estates... Continue Reading →

What is Chaos: Khorne

Blood God, Lord of Skulls, Kharneth, Hunter of Souls; these are but some of names and titles given to the Chaos God of war, hatred, slaughter, blood but also martial prowess and honour. Across thousands of battlefields in both the Mortal Realms and the darkness of the far future, mighty warriors and blood-crazed lunatics in heavy armour... Continue Reading →

New Warcry Boxes: Are They Value For Money?

Several new Warcry boxes are out for pre-order, each including a selection of units and their Warcry cards and tokens. If you're collecting an Age of Sigmar army you might want to pay attention to them though. While they include extra rules and tokens, these boxes can represent a significant discount on models. Are these... Continue Reading →

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