New Warhammer Underworlds Warband Revealed: The Exiled Dead

Games Workshop have just unveiled the 4th Warband from this season of Warhammer Underworlds: Harrowdeep as part of their AdeptiCon previews. We’d already seen Coyl, the frankenstein-like arcwalker, but now we’ve now seen the full warband, The Exiled Dead.

The Exiled Dead is a warband consisting of 7 fighters, putting them alongside Sepulchral Guard, Thorns of The Briar Queen and The Grymwatch.

As a quick side-note, it’s a little funny how all of the high model-count warbands seem to be under the Death Grand Alliance, with the obvious exception being Zarbag’s Gitz.

The Warband consists of a vampiric Necromancer – with an incredibly creepy mouthless flesh mask for a face – and his 6 arcwalker minions; Bault, Coyl, Ione, Vlash and Regulus.

From what we’ve been told and the cards we’ve seen, The Exiled Dead will be an Aggro warband with Flex tendencies. This is an unusual twist for a horde warbands, as lots of bodies usually mean lots of weak fighters, although it seems The Exiled Dead have a few tricks up their sleeves.

Deintalos The Exile Fighter Card

It seems the leader, Deintalos is going to be pretty pivotal to The Exiled Dead’ gameplan. His Danse Dynamic action will allow his conductive fighters (which appears to include Deintalos himself) to all make an attack action each or a move action each AND then reanimate a conductive minion. This gives them a lot of potential to achieve that aggro status, either dishing out a lot of attacks or moving up for support.

Danse of Deintalos card

We’ve also seen the gambit spell Danse of Deintalos which allows you to attempt to cast a similar action, minus the reanimation. This seems like an incredible way to get a maximum number of attacks out of a single turn. The question is whether the opponent can successfully take out Deintalos before the horde advances.

In terms of inspiration, we don’t know a lot just yet, but what we do know is that all of the minions start the game inspired. At a guess, this would mean there’s some sort of uninspire mechanic, so using certain abilities may come at a cost. On the flipside, the glimpse of Deintalos’ card seems to read that he inspires when a friendly minion takes an enemy fighter out of action.

In terms of models, reception seems fairly mixed, with many people enjoying the mad scientist vibes, but many others seeming a little disappointed by the lack of character and diversity in the minions.

Personally, I’ll be picking this warband up, and will probably try a very creative, stylised paint scheme to help them stand out on the table. How about you? Has The Exiled Dead caught your attention? How do you think this will effect games in Harrowdeep?

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