New Warhammer Underworlds Warband Revealed: Hexbane’s Hunters

Games Workshop have just unveiled the 3rd Warband from Warhammer Underworlds: Nethermaze as part of their latest preview. Things had remained pretty quiet in the lead up to this announcement, so we only had some Nethermaze art and teasers to speculate on. But the speculation is now over, so we can now get excited for Hexbane’s Hunters.

Hexbane’s Hunters is a warband consisting of 6 fighters, including a mix of melee and ranged fighters, as well as two hounds – Ratspike (who you’ll spot is wearing an eyepatch) and Grotbiter.

This determined looking group are our first Cities of Sigmar warband in Underworlds, and what better way for them to make an appearance than with some Order of Azyr Witch Hunters.

These models will definitely go down well with fans of the existing Witch Hunter miniatures such as Jelsen Darrock from Cursed City and Galen and Doralia ven Denst. Or – for those who’ve been around a while – nostalgia for the Witch Hunters from Mordheim.

Hexbane’s Hunters

The only fighter card we’ve seen so far belongs to the warband leader Haskel Hexbane, but there’s already a lot we can tell about the warband. Most fighters are going to be a little slow moving, without a lot of durability. Haskel has a movement of 3, and we’d assume the same of the other human members of the warband.

The inspire condition is super straight forward, inspiring the fighter when his attack takes a fighter out of action. The ability Price of Victory and the upgrade card Bane of Evil both show us that Haskel will benefit from his fellows being taken out of action. Price of Victory allows for free upgrades or removing some tokens, while Bane of Evil boosts his toughness and offensive abilities. It’s very likely that the leader will be crucial in the later stages of the game.

The wording of Bane of Evil also implies there will be a number of Hunters in the warband, which opens up some options for deckbuilding.

Hexbane’s Hunters

We’ve also seen 3 other cards; Martyr’s Fervour, Uncover the Truth and You Stand Accused!. These don’t reveal much that we don’t already know about the warband, but do show there will be a range of ways to boost agressive tactics. Martyr’s Fervour adds extra damage against tough opponents, but is restricted to range 1 and 2 attacks, so it’s usefulness will depend on how many fighters have those shorter range attacks. Haskel himself starts the game with only a range 3 attack for example.

With 6 fighters at your disposal, there should be no issues getting two of them into enemy territory to score Uncover the Truth. You Stand Accused is an interesting one though. It gives you +1 dice against a chosen enemy fighter, but can be easily countered if that model reaches your territory. If this card is well timed, you can punish a fighter who’s already used their move action.

The warband has definitely gone down well here with the Handful of Dice team. The only question is which of the two hounds is the bestest boy. How about you? Have Hexbane’s Hunters caught your attention?

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