The Five Worst Looking Warhammer Miniatures

Seeing as we’ve already sat down and discussed our favorite Warhammer Miniatures it was only a matter of time until the inevitable other debate came up – which miniatures are the worst looking? The Handful of Dice team once again gathered round the table (and tried to resist flipping it when debate got heated) to work out the five worst looking Warhammer miniatures. Here’s our list, please don’t hate us!

Arron (AKA @ajb_minis) – Catachan Jungle Fighters

Catachan Jungle Fighters

I can’t explain what it is, but there’s something goofy about the Catachan Jungle Fighters.

I’m aware these models are severely dated at this point, but there’s just something off with the proportions and faces, which simply doesn’t match up with the level of quality of the rest of Games Workshops models.

I don’t even really dislike the concept of hardened jungle fighters – Colonel ‘Iron Hand’ Straken is an amazing miniature, and we’ve seen some more recent examples such as the limited edition Sergeant ‘Ripper’ Jackson and Catachan Colonel models which both looked incredible.

Those characters are almost enough to sell you on a Catachan force. It’s just a shame that the regular Catachan fighters look like they all went to get muscle implants before each running face-first at a wall.

Ben (AKA @manyotterminis) – Rat Ogors

I find Games Workshop generally make pretty decent models and the goofy ones are some of the best, so it’s hard to find something that’s really bad. I think ‘dated’ is probably a better description of the models people don’t tend to like, because they’re almost always from older ranges that need updating.

Unfortunately the main army I used to play in Warhammer Fantasy were Dwarves, and their range hasn’t been left to get old but was wiped from the face of the realms never to be seen again. The models were all great anyway, suffering only from the boring poses that were a problem for every army in the days of rank and file miniatures.

I went digging through some other old ranges though and found a model that I think has not only aged badly, but was just bad to begin with and that’s the rat ogor (with giant rats and packmaster).

A horrible abomination in fiction and in reality. The same posing issues as all the other models of the era compounded with absolutely no effort taken to make the parts look like they fit together. You had to be a master of green stuff to make these look good, filling the massive gaps and replicating the fur texture over them, and they’ll still have eyes that make it look like they haven’t got enough sleep.

The worst thing is that GW actually updated these models for the Island of Blood battle box for Warhammer Fantasy, and again in Spire of Dawn for Age of Sigmar, but never released them separately. What a disaster.

Kristian (AKA @kregory03) – Skryre Acolytes

Normally I try to be a positive soul, writing about a hobby that’s been near and dear to me for 23 years. Today, however, I choose violence. LOOK AT THIS THING.

The Skryre Acolytes are a perfect storm of terrible, easily the worst Games Workshop models currently for sale on their webstore. But it isn’t just because it’s old, there are many models out there starting to show their age (several of which are in this article), though certainly the monkey hands and weird worm tail aren’t doing a whole lot to sell the idea that this is a rat scientist.

No, what makes the Skryre Acolytes the worst minis out there is the fact that they’re still in metal, and that they come in single blister packs for £12 a time. The Skaven range is one of the oldest Games Workshop still sells, and many of the weapon teams are still in metal, they’re still the same models that were for sale when I started collecting minis. But that price point, £12 per acolyte; each unit of acolyte is 5 rats strong, which means you’re paying a minimum of £70 for one small unit.

My advice? If you really want Skryre Acolytes in your army: convert

Matt (AKA @howes_the_painting) – High Gladiatrix

Daughters of Khaine High Gladiatrix

Now it would be easy to point at any number of older models in this segment, especially a lot of the lord of the rings range, but I feel like that’s going for some low hanging fruit!

Instead I thought I’d be controversial and go for the worst looking model from the last 12 months. There are certainly uglier models, but this one certainly disappointed me when it came out.

I am talking about the High Gladiatrix. In a world of dynamic hero characters like Neave Blacktalon, The Eidolon of Mathalan or even old school models like the Dark Elf Assassin this model just doesn’t hit the mark.

The whip is impractically long, and she looks like she’d be knocked off that hero rock (another pet peeve) by the slightest of breezes! I also personally dislike the witch-aelf half of the daughters of khaine for their overtly sexualised look, and especially after the lovely thunderstrike stormcast, this felt like GW taking a step backwards in terms of female

Niall (AKA @nb_minis) – Chaos Space Marines Noise Marine

Right, lets start this off with a confession. I’m just genuinely not a fan of chaos models. I can maybe get on board with some Khorne models, like Garrek’s Reavers or the occasional Khorne Berzerker, but it’s a weak attachment at best. I know it sounds ridiculous, because the entirety of the Warhammer world is over the top (I love Orks for god sake), but the Chaos Space Marines just feel like they’re too on the nose. Too over the top. Too grimdank. I think there’s also part of me that just always roots for the ‘good’ guys even if xenophobic extremist empires like the Imperium or shady space communists like the Tau can’t really be classed as good. In my head the Chaos Forces are clearly the bad guys, and it biases me against them.

But if I have to put my finger on a single least favourite miniature this fella and his guitar has to take the cake (though I put a lot of consideration into whether this honour should go to the new necron flayed ones with those ridiculous claws, the cryptothrall walking lamps or that flying croissant). I know it’s a special edition recreation of a classic model, but frankly I hated the original and the reproduction feels like the culmination of all the over the top, in your face, can’t take it serious elements of Chaos Space Marines in a single model. I fully acknowledge the hypocrisy of loving the lore and plot behind seemingly unkillable human characters and hating the fact that I’m meant to believe there are super soldiers running around battlefields swinging guitar guns, but hate it I do. This mini takes the biscuit for me, not because of old designs or anything else, but just because of the core concept.

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