New Warhammer Underworlds Warband Revealed: The Gorechosen of Dromm

The final Nethermaze warband is upon us! We’ve already seen one model but at the NOVA open Games Workshop revealed the Gorechosen of Dromm in their entirety and Khorne fans are rejoicing.

The Gorechosen have three fighters. First the titular Dromm, Wounder of World’s, the first fighter to have Priest printed on their fighter card. He’s accompanied by Skullgrinder Herax, who’s literally burning with rage, and The Gorehulk, who’s got arms so big a human name couldn’t contain them.

Fans of the Gorechosen board game might be surprised to see no fourth model in Dromm’s warband but what you lose in Deathbringers you gain in half Korgorath man monsters. Dromm is a phenomenal new Slaughterpriest and Herax is marked as a Skullgrinder by his penchant for flames. The Gorehulk is new however, part way through his transformation from a musclebound murderer to a Korgorath, a hulking monster with vicious bone tendrils that can already be seen growing out of his forearms.

The warband has two of Nethermaze’s new keywords, a Priest in Dromm, and the Gorehulk who’s a Brawler. There’s a lot of good cards for Brawlers and, while there’s not much room for dead weight in a three fighter warband, I expect the Hulk to be a very important presence in the field. Priests and Prayers are thinner on the ground so I’ll be looking for some exciting holy tech in this warbands universal cards and rivals deck.

Anyone hoping for rapid death dealing might be a little disappointed by the low movement on these fighters but those familiar with Morgok’s Krushas, the current benchmark for a three fighter aggro warband, will be happy to see that at least Herax has a little urgency about him. To continue the comparison the Gorechosen hit the board with slightly less damage than the Krushas, but have a more accurate and flexible set of attacks that will require them to take less risks.

It’s a very interesting pacing for a Khorne warband, who you’d be forgiven for thinking of as a very mindless faction in Underworlds history, where every action is a charge and the consequences be damned. In fact with only three fighters and one printed action in the form of Dromm’s enrage, finding a use for your fourth activation could be a key part of making the warband function.

Enrage is a particularly interesting ability and should be very useful. With any luck you’ll be able to pull a leader or other key fighter into your warband before they’re ready, letting you bring down the hammer with your other fighters. Enemy’s will be forced to move onto objectives early in case the fighter they need is forced to move elsewhere, and worse towards the enemy.

The cards revealed so far continue a theme of being more controlling than we’ve seen from the blood gods chosen in the past. Domain of Fury is a Domain, and a Prayer, that limits your opponents movement, forcing them to move towards your fighters. It also persists, as does the previously revealed White-Hot Anger, which will help with scoring A Potent Offering if you kill someone with it in play. Bloody Worshipper is the ever important extra token generator, so you’ll never be out of tokens to make the Gorehulks hugs extra comforting, and it might be key to getting a fighter to inspire.

So a movement controlling warband with a persistent attitude. Expect them to like Promise of Destruction and it’s a promise I’m sure they’ll be able to keep.

It’s great to see the Underworlds team really exploring the full breadth of a faction and giving us a warband that feels very distinct from what’s come before. What’s next? Have the Gorechosen ignited a new love for the god of blood in you? Are you already working on some interesting deck ideas? Leave a comment to let us know or message us on Instagram.

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