Warhammer Underworlds Blogs You Need To Follow

Warhammer Underworlds may be one of Games Workshop’s smaller game systems, but it’s one which has a lot of depth thanks to the ever-changing warbands, cards and mechanics. If you’re anything like us, you’ll enjoy reading up on people’s thoughts and experiences with the game, but it can sometimes be hard to find such sites in the first place. There are plenty of sites who regularly write up reviews, guides and deep dives.

We’ve collated some of the best Warhammer Underworlds Blogs into one article, so you know where to look next time you’re looking for some hobby content.

A quick note: I’ve focused on the sites which are the most active at the time of writing, but if there are any other sites you think are worth a mention then head down and leave a comment!

Handful Of Dice


That’s us! While it may seem a little cheeky to include ourselves on this list, we wouldn’t have put the list together if we weren’t huge fans of Warhammer Underworlds. While the site contains content for a variety of game systems, we have an entire section of the site dedicated to Underworlds. The Handful of Dice team cover all aspect of the game, including the basics, news/releases, warband breakdowns and even some detailed deckbuilding content.

Can You Roll A Crit?


Can You Roll A Crit?

Can You Roll A Crit? is one of the more established websites on this list, first starting out right back in 2018, and have a large amount of content for you to look back through. Recently the focus of the website has shifted more towards Kill Team, but the site still reviews the latest Warhammer Underworlds releases as they come out.

Underdogs – Certainty of Death


Underdogs – Certainty of Death is, in their own words, a website ‘dedicated to warbands that no one likes or plays’. While this may sound a little unhelpful, it can be a goldmine for more detailed deep dives into the more nuanced aspects of Warhammer Underworlds.

Battle Mallet Blog


BattleMallet may be best known for their Podcast, but they also have a blog for those who prefer written content. Battle Mallet cover a lot of Rivals and Rivals+ content, as well as breakdowns and reviews of releases.

Set The Tempo


If you’re more into deck building and events, then Set The Tempo may be a site to add to your list. Each article is it’s own deep dive filled with knowledge. The site’s filled with loads of content breaking down the state of the meta, breakdowns of game/tournament results and interesting deck lists.

Determined Effort


If you’re looking for detailed reviews, then let me introduce Determined Effort. I think it’s hard to call their articles anything other than comprehensive, with their reviews breaking down every fighter and card. As with other sites on this article though, they aren’t just limited to reviews, with a bunch of other lists, articles and event coverage.

The Gloryseekers


The Gloryseekers may not be as big as some of the other sites on this list, but they have an array of great deckbuilding content. Two of their main series are Unhinged Underworlds which focuses on off-meta decks, and Building on a Budget which is great for new players to start thinking about getting competitive without buying every single box. Plenty of fresh takes.

Path to Glory


Path to Glory have a website, a podcast and a Youtube channel under their umbrella, so there’s plenty to check in on. The site focuses a lot on detailed reviews of the current Warhammer Underworlds releases, as well as some discussions on the general state of the meta.

Well there you go, here are some of the best Warhammer Underworlds blogs and websites out there. If you have any more to add, then drop a comment below to let us (and others) know!

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