Gorechosen of Dromm Deck: Try To Control Yourself

Dr Dromm: Ah, good evening Mr Gorehulk it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other how is your rage?
The Gorehulk: HULK SMASH!

Dr Drom: I see, not much improvement then.

Herax, you were keeping people at a distance last we spoke? How are your relationships.

*Distant mumbling*

Dr Drom: Ah I see Herax, you will have to enter the room for me to hear you properly but I think I understand. I take it you’re both still struggling to exert any self control? In the maiming department?

I suggest before our next session you try these exercises. They should help you set Objective goals, and teach you to control… other people. You will of course still be permitted some maiming, I wouldn’t want you to think I’m cruel.

The Gorechosen of Dromm is a new 3 fighter Khorne warband, made up of The Gorehulk, an enthusiastic hugger, Skullgrinder Herax, a fan of chain letters, and led by Dromm, a headwear enthusiast.

There’s a few Khorne warbands in the game already, and they can be characterised by their fast aggressive playstyle that’s all about taking enemy models of the board, at any cost. The Gorechosen however are a little more cerebral, with the inability to make the usual Khorne move of four charges a turn, due to only having three fighters to play with, and mostly inaccurate or low damage attacks. This more smouldering anger should be directed towards control then, and since self-control would be to much to ask from Khornes chosen few, perhaps they can control their opponents instead, in a deck I’m calling “Try to control yourself”.

The goal of the deck is to take as much agency as possible away from your opponent, by reducing their move characteristic, giving move and charge tokens to enemy fighters, pushing (and pulling) then around, while scoring lots of passive glory yourself, and when the time is right drawing them to you to be killed rather than going to them.

The first question to answer with any control deck, is how on earth you’re going to score any glory. Usually you won’t have to score that much, since your main goal is to stop the opponent scoring and come out on top in a low glory game. Fortunately the category of two glory end phase objectives is fairly crowded these days so even home bodies like the Gorechosen can find ways to score in their own territory. My favourite new card in this category is [Lost Together], fitting into a small niche of hold objective cards that benefit small fighter count elite warbands.

Now it’s time to take as much agency as possible away from your opponent. These warriors or Khorne might not kill you, but you might wish they would after a few turns of their “control”.

[Hypnotic Buzz] and [Chaotic Paths] are ways for Dromm and the gang to keep their emotional distance, good boundaries are key, by pushing away any enemy that gets to close. It’s important to keep lines of communication open both ways though, so [Chaotic Paths] gives your opponent an opportunity to be part of the dialogue.

When you’re ready to engage you can get everyone together for a big hug with the help of [Dredge Line] (or just keep them off a feature token to deny them glory), and with any luck you can get yourself a little glory from [Reel ‘Em In].

Emotional revelations can be slow though. So once you’re set yourself up on objectives it’ll be up to your opponent to power through their issues, namely these two gambits. Less move should mean less options for your opponent to mess with your plans, and make it harder for them to recover from inconvenient pushes.

Combined with Dromm’s ability to force opponents into moving, this package that gives opponents move tokens should mean you have a lot of agency about how your opponent gets around the board, or in this case, doesn’t.

For those of you who are working on your own self control you can find the deck on Underworlds DB here. I don’t expect it’ll be a competitive deck, but there might be a few cards that make there way into more serious lists and hopefully it will be fun at least.

If you enjoy this article check out this series where I build a more serious deck for Sanson’s Farstriders, or my previous deck from the release of Hexbane’s Hunters. If you want to support the site you could always tip us a bit of change for new card sleeves and binders, or get some great deals on wargaming and table top gaming products through our Element Games referral link. They have great deals on warbands and a wide range of Warhammer and accessories. Make sure you’re following us on Instagram to stay up to date and get involved in our community by sharing pictures of your projects with us!

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