Black Friday Deals for Miniature Painters

It’s Black Friday, and that means sales! We’re going to be sharing all the Black Friday deals we come across here so that you don’t miss any of these great deals over the weekend.

Neko Galaxy Minis

Store page

Neko galaxy have up to 35% off their whole range today as well as the release of new bust Santa Bomba, with an introductory 5 euro discount. I’m a huge fan of their cyberpunk and sci-fi models, especially ZYL-02 and Alice Cross.

They’re also offering free shipping on orders over 200 euros with discount code FRIDAYSHIPPING. Their deals will be available until the 28th of November.

INU Kingdoms

Store page

Inu Kingdoms also have a new bust release today, Shiv, as well as up to 25% off their other busts, or 30% off any 5 figures with their big bundle. These highly detailed, dark fantasy, 1:12 scale busts, are all fantastic my personal favourite is Erynis, or Izra. The sale will go on all weekend until Monday the 28th.

Red Grass Games

Store page

Red Grass Games are offering up to 20% off their highly rated wet pallets and painting handles until Monday the 28th. These are must have tools and now’s the best time to get them.

Akellare Models

Store page

Akellare models are offering 20% off orders over 80 euros if you use code AKELARREBLACK at checkout. Their models and busts from the Yarns of the Elderwoods campaign have recently been added to their store in bundles and now’s a great time to pick them up if you missed the Kickstarter.

The code will only be valid until the 28th.

A banner image for Element Games displaying their 15-25% discount on Warhammer

Big Child Creatives

Store page

Big child creative started their sale over a week ago, but it will only be on for the next few days. They have up to 45% off a huge range of miniatures and busts it’s impossible to summarise them all. If you’re looking for gifts for a miniature painter in your life you’ll definitely be able to find something they like in the huge Big Child Creatives range.

Art of war studios

Store page

Art of war studios are offering 25% off with promo code BF22 until the 29th. They stock a huge variety of modular scenery, and tokens for just about every game out there.

Element Games

Store page

We couldn’t talk about great deals without mentioning Element Games. They have a reange of Games Workshop box sets available at discounted prices. It’s rare to get GW products on sale so check them out, and if you use our affiliate link you’ll also be helping us out.

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