What’s Coming Next For Underworlds?

From the Games Workshop Underworlds roadmap we know that the first separate warband from Deathgorge is going to be a destruction warband. So at the end of a gaming day, each of the HoD team threw around a few suggestions as to what it could be. I found it interesting so thought I’d put it into an article. Let us know if you enjoy this format and we’ll do more speculation in future!


Deathgorge is set in Andtor, a frozen part of Ghur, where the Everwinter is freezing souls for Ghur itself to consume. Or something like that – I’m not a big lore guy! But what I do know is that the Everwinter is not a new thing that’s been made up for this season of Underworlds, it’s been a thing for the Beastclaw Raiders since the start of the Age of Sigmar. A permanent winter, constantly on the heels of the nomadic warriors, forcing them to keep moving or freeze to death. Supposedly a curse on the Ogors from GorkaMorka himself for eating a God-beast he was saving for himself (maybe I am a lore guy?).

The most frosty of the Ogor Mawtribe units is undoubtedly the Yhetee. Their clubs are even made of ice! They are also old as hell – Finecast models back from the world that was. With the Ogor Gorgers getting a fresh new glow up this week, I thought it would be nice for the Yhetees to get a similar treatment. In terms of team make-up I think it would be fun to shake things up a bit with a three-man warband with two Yhetees and then a very weak third model as the leader – maybe a baby Yhetee that the other two are protecting – maybe the others are the Yhetee parents? I have talked myself into the most adorable warband ever, even beating the monkey, the bestest boys and the squid!


Thinking about cool destruction forces that haven’t entered the underworlds yet I turned to Spider riders. The Gloomspite Gits have a few cool spider models and I think they’d make a great warband. There’s an Endless Spell with a swarm of spiders on it, and the Arachnarok Spider has an option to build a Webspinner Shaman. Whilst the spider itself would be too large, a younger version would be a possibility?

So that’s my suggestion! A Webspinner Shaman leader, with an entourage of a swarm of spiders, a larger spider pet and a spider rider or two.

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I didn’t have an idea until Matt said Yhetees, and now I’m 100% team Yhetees. These poor snowgers are much in need of new models, and could fill a gap by being an uncomplicated all out aggro warband (when was the last one of these?).

The most interesting new rule of the season is definitely the ability to create blocked hexes, wrought from the cold ice of Andtor. It could be fun to see a warband with a plot card that interacts with that mechanic and it would totally make sense for Yhetees.

So that’s my call. A glass cannon aggro warband of 2-3 Yhetees who use the snowy conditions and icy terrain to appear from the blizzard and tear the limbs from unsuspecting fighters. GW haven’t let the setting restrict them before, but it’s such an obvious slam dunk for the icy season that I think there’s a chance.

Otherwise it going to be something boring like more Orruk. Maybe a couple of pigs?


I fully understand that my theory is pretty rogue, given that it doesn’t fit the format of any of the existing warbands or many game mechanics. But considering we’re coming from the frozen north I think it needs to be something Beastclaw Raider based.

My dream is our first ever single fighter warband – a Frostlord on a Stonehorn. I think it’s big, bold and will mix up the game, alongside being an awesome model that can rampage round the board causing absolute carnage as the ultimate aggro warband.

That being said, I’d settle for a Mournfang pack, as I think it’s a more realistic possibility. Another Snarlfang’s-style mounted warband, which could stand out by being armed with pistols as a ranged warband. I think it would make for an interesting play style and a tough challenge to overcome.


Ogors – Butcher or Firebelly mostly because both of these models are still resin and Ogor players could dearly do with some plastic versions, even if they are proxies. Mechanically they both have plenty of room, whether it be by making lethal hexes by setting things on fire or summoning toothy maws, or gaining power as they and their followers slaughter their enemies in the name of the Great Maw.

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