Is Stormbringer Bringing The Value?

Games Workshop's latest subscription magazine service released on the 15th of February, and on the surface it appears to be pretty darn good value for money. But is it? Having spent £2.99 on the first issue, and a whole morning crunching numbers, I am here to report my findings to you, so you can decide... Continue Reading →

Who are the Aeldari?

There's a ton of hype around the new Aeldari models being previewed over on Warhammer Community. If you're new to the hobby or haven't read much about factions, you might find yourself asking who are the Aeldari? The Aeldari, or Eldar to us Mon-keigh (the not-polite term the Aeldari use in reference to the citizens... Continue Reading →

Step-by-step Guide: Making Tiled Ruin Bases

Here's a quick step-by-step guide for how I've been making some slightly more colourful tiled bases. Perfect for when you want to add little more colour to your models. Here's what you need: 1mm Plasticard sheet3mm Cork sheetCitadel Astrogranite Texture Paint First start with cutting Plasticard into the rough shapes. I like to start by... Continue Reading →

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