New Warcry Boxes: Are They Value For Money?

Several new Warcry boxes are out for pre-order, each including a selection of units and their Warcry cards and tokens. If you’re collecting an Age of Sigmar army you might want to pay attention to them though. While they include extra rules and tokens, these boxes can represent a significant discount on models. Are these new warcry boxes good value for money for Age of Sigmar players? Or are they only good if you want to play Warcry? Lets have a look at the maths.

Slaanesh Sybarites

The Slaanesh Sybarites range found in the New Warhammer Warcry Box

– Ten Blissbarb Archers and 1 Blissbrew Homonculus – £31.50

– Five Myrmidesh Painbringers, armed with cruel blades, ornate armour, and elegant shields. They can alternatively be built as Symbaresh Twinsouls, armed with a dazzling variety of sadistic weapons – £36.50

TOTAL: £68


The Sybarites box is an exciting proposition for a Slaanesh player. There’s no start collecting for Slaanesh mortals. These aren’t the most exciting units in the range, we’re not talking mounted and centrepiece models, but they’re reasonable battleline that you’re likely to use at least a unit of in a mortal army. The Painbringers also come with the option to build Twinsouls instead. You could do worse than this box and a Lord of Pain to start your Sybarite army. 


The Kruleboyz range found in the New Warhammer Warcry Box

– Ten Gutrippaz, armed with a mix of jagged blades, bludgeons, and shields – £31.50

– Three Man-skewer Boltboyz, armed with deadly crossbows and wicked blades – £29

TOTAL: £60.50


The Kruleboyz bring up the rear in terms of saving but are the cheapest box without any half strength units so everything here can go in your Age of Sigmar army. If you’re starting a Kruleboyz army you’re still better off with the Kruleboys half of Dominion or the Extremis Starter Set if you can find it, either give you the benefit of the Swampcaller Shaman to lead your Gutrippaz into battle, but if you’re expanding an army this is probably worth a look.

Daughters of Khaine

The Daughters of Khaine range found in the New Warhammer Warcry Box

– Five Melusai Blood Sisters armed with wicked spears – they can alternatively be built as Melusai Blood Stalkers bearing long bows – £32.50

– Ten Witch Aelves – they can alternatively be built as Sisters of Slaughter armed with cruel barbed whips. Both have a choice of taking a second weapon or a bladed buckler – £35

TOTAL: £67.50


This is a fantastic saving for the Daughters of Khaine and the units are both full strength and both have build options. If you’re starting an army from scratch the similarly priced Start Collecting! Daughters of Khaine box is probably a better choice because of the hero choices. However if you have that or have enough heroes already this is a great option to expand your army.

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Thunderstrike Stormcast Eternals

The Stormcast Eternal range found in the New Warhammer Warcry Box

– Five Vindictors armed with long spears, tall shields, and awesome masks – £31.50 for 10

– Three Annihilators, which can be equipped with either a large round shield and heavy hammer or an even larger double-handed meteoric grandhammer – £31.50

TOTAL: £47.25

SAVING:  23%

This is the cheapest of the boxes thanks to the decision to only include five Vindictors rather than a full box of ten. If you’re already planning to buy a box of Annihilators It’s worth noting this box is only £5 more for five bonus Vindictors. You can always ask your friends for any spare Vindictors that they have lying around to boost your unit to ten. If you’re starting out though, as with the Kruleboys, you should probably try and get hold of half a starter set so that you have a character to use as a general.

Lumineth Realm-Lords

The Lumineth Realm Lord range found in the New Warhammer Warcry Box

– Five Alarith Stoneguard, armed with massive double-handed hammers or smaller one-handed hammers – £36.50

– Five Vanari Auralan Wardens, equipped with long spears and tall shields – £36.50 for 10

– Five Vanari Auralan Sentinels, wielding elegant longbows – £36.50 for 10

TOTAL: £73


The Lumineth lead the pack in terms of discount with the huge caveat that 2 of their units are half size and therefore not playable in AoS. If you want a lot of Stoneguard then two of these is the cheapest way to build up an army of Lumineth foot soldiers. If you don’t want to buy two then it’s a much better purchase if you’re going to be sticking with Warcry.

In Short

So are the new Warcry boxes value for money for Age of Sigmar players? Yes and no. They do represent good discounts on the individual units, and you could combine multiple boxes to make a solid base for an army. For the most part though the lack of heroes means they’re going to be best if you’re planning to expand your existing force. If you’re starting a force from scratch a Start Collecting! Box or another starter set might be a better way to go. The exception would be the Slaanesh box; considering there isn’t a starter box for them buying the Warcry set and a Lord of Pain makes a great alternative for a 500 point starter force.

Are you going to be picking up one of these boxes? Is it to grow an army or start a new force? Let us know in the comments!

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