Fearsome Fortress Rivals Deck Quick Review

We’ve attempted to put together a quick guide to each Warhammer Underworlds Rivals deck including a brief summary of how they play, which types of warbands they might work best with and a few important cards. Hopefully now you can see what each deck is good at doing with just a glance.

This quick review is a snippet of a larger article which we’re trying to keep up to date with every Rivals Deck. You can check that out at the link below.

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Fearsome Fortress Rivals Deck

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General goal

Fearsome Fortress is a fairly defensive deck. You want to hold the middle of the board and squat on some feature tokens. Ideally creating a wall to block fighters getting into your territory.

Ideally you want to place boards with as many hexes connected as possible and try to place as many objective tokens within one hex of no-one’s territory as you can. You should be able to place 2 as long as your opponent isn’t messing with your plans. One of the main unique features is that the Plot card for this deck allows you to place 1 additional available feature token within 1 hex of no one’s territory, which will help a lot for the objectives in this deck.

The Objective cards will only give you a potential 15 glory, which is a little low. That said, [Conquered Domain] will potentially allow you to score one or two more. There are 6 surges in the deck, most of which seem fairly easy to score. Some of the other cards such as [Raise the Walls] will require a little planning and placing/moving of feature tokens.

Which warbands work best?

You’re probably going to want a nice balance of fighters for this one. Enough that you’ll be able to old multiple feature tokens, while being tough enough to stay alive. Thankfully, cards like [Ready for Anything] can help temporarily boost the defence of weaker warbands. So you’re not too limited in your choices.

Unlike the Rivals decks released prior to this one, there are no fighter keywords mentioned on any of the cards, which means this deck is pretty universal, but there are three cards which mention Stagger, which would help warbands like Magore’s Fiends or Ironsoul’s Condemners inspire a little quicker.

5 of the cards in the deck let you ‘choose’ a friendly fighter, which could work nicely for Spiteclaw’s Swarm. Although they aren’t the sturdiest warband, being able to revive fighters will ensure you always have bodies in the right places.

This could be a decent enough deck for The Chosen Axes. There are 5 power cards which allow you to push fighters, which should help you negate their low movement and get them onto those tokens to inspire. Likewise, Thundrik’s Profiteers may appreciate the movement boost. The easily scorable surge objectives should also help them to inspire a few fighters early on.

While this deck is primarily aimed towards using the deck in Rivals, I’ll also add that this may be an interesting deck to use with the Gorechosen of Dromm in Nemesis format. They already have a few cards that require being around no-one’s territory, so there are already a few synergies.

Key Cards

As a reminder, this quick review is a snippet of a larger article which we’re trying to keep up to date with every Rivals Decks. You can check that out at the link below.

Have we overlooked anything? Are there any warbands that are just perfect for a specific deck? Leave us a comment and let us know! If you enjoyed this article then be sure to check out the rest of our Underworlds content.

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