Warhammer 40k Battleforce Value Breakdown 2022

It’s getting cold outside, the nights have drawn in and the Coca Cola advert with all the lorries has been on TV – it can all only mean one thing; the Warhammer 40k Battleforce releases are just round the corner! As they do every year Games Workshop have given us all a chance to make some nice savings just in time for Christmas with the release of there annual battleforces. This year sees us get eight boxes packing some serious firepower alongside some very recognisable characters. This is our full breakdown of the Warhammer 40k battleforce value, covering all the contents of the boxes so you can work out just how good the savings are.

There’s obviously different build options for some units, and you’ll want to add upgrades and gear that will increase the points values, but for the sake of the value breakdown we’re just using the box contents as advertised by Games Workshop.

If you aren’t a fan of the 41st millennium don’t worry – we’ve also broke down the Age of Sigmar Battleforces so check out that article as well.

Adepta SororitasSanctorum Guard

Image showing the contents of the Adepta Soroitas Sanctorum Guard Battleforce Box
UnitCost (£)PointsRole
1 Morvenn Vahl£35.00/$60.00280HQ
6 Paragon Warsuits£85.00/$140.00480Elite
5 Celestian Sacresants£35.00/$60.0070Elite
10 Battle Sisters£36.00/$60.00110Troops
TOTAL VALUE£191.00/$320.00
Cost per point£0.13/$0.22

The first 40k battleforce on the list comes from the Adepta Sororitas. Morvenn Vahl leads this crusading force of Sisters from the front, backed up by some powerful warsuits and elite foot soldiers. The forces is finished off with a squad of Battle Sisters (which you could chose to build as elite Celestians or fast attack Dominions). The savings on this box are pretty standard for the offer, and it feels like a good foundation to an army, or solid way to add more elites to your existing force – as well as fitting quite a strong theme for the sisters.

Adeptus Custodes: Watchers of The Gate

Image showing the contents of the Adeptus Custodes Watchers of the Gate Battleforce Box
UnitCost (£)PointsRole
1 Captain-General Trajann Valoris£26.00/$42.00200HQ
3 Vertus Praetors on Dawneagle Jetbikes£36.00/$60.00240Fast Attack
3 Allarus Custodians£32.50/$55.00180Elites
15 Custodian Guard£108.00/$180.00675Troops
TOTAL VALUE£202.50/$337.00
Cost per point£0.10/$0.16

The Watchers of the Gate provide some of the higher savings of this years battleforces, and is probably the most competitive force straight out the box. There’s quite a lot of customisation options with this elite force, as most of the units give you extra build options. Coming in just under 1300 points it’s a powerful force and far an away the highest points value battle force box this year, and it wouldn’t take much to round it out to a real problem of an army. When it comes to 40k battleforce value this year the custodies hit the hardest. Henry Cavill will be proud.

Adeptus Mechanicus: Elimination Maniple

Image showing the contents of the Adeptus Mechanicus Elimination Maniple Battleforce Box
UnitCost (£)PointsRole
1 Belisarius Cawl£35.00/$60.00180HQ
2 Kastelan Robots and Cybernetica Datasmith£47.50/$80.00180/40Heavy Support/Elite
6 Kataphron Destroyers£72.00/$120.00240Troops
10 Skitarii Rangers£30.00/$50.0090Troops
TOTAL VALUE£184.00/$310.00
Cost per point£0.17/$0.28

The Mechanicus box has the lowest savings of the 2022 battleforces and the selection of minis will build a strong core of an army with quite a few additional purchases. Not the best option but not terrible if you’re looking to expand or start an Adeptus Mechanicus army.

Imperial Knights: Chainbreaker Lance

Image showing the contents of the Imperial Knights Chainbreaker Lance  Battleforce Box
UnitCost (£)PointsRole
1 Knight Preceptor£100.00/$170.00420Lords of War
2 Armiger Helverins£52.50/$85.00310Lords of War
2 Armiger Warglaives£52.50/$85.00290Lords of War
TOTAL VALUE£205.00/$340.00
Cost per point£0.12/$0.20

The knights are playing a good hand here and are just edging out the Custodes in terms of savings, and come second to them in terms of points. The battleforce contains the basics you’d want for a knights force. You could round it out with some full sized knights or if you want to start an army with maximum savings two of these boxes wouldn’t be awful.

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Death Guard: Council of The Death Lord

Image showing the contents of the Death Guard Council of the Death Lord Battleforce Box
UnitCost (£)PointsRole
1 Mortarion£95/$160450HQ
5 Blightlord Terminators£36.00/$60.00200Elites
14 Plague Marines£65.00/$110.00294Troops
TOTAL VALUE£196.00/$330.00
Cost per point£0.13/$0.22

This is a pretty solid start to a Death Guard army. A big ol’ centrepiece, some powerful elites and a nice blob of disgustingly resilient marines. It’s just under 1000 points so you’ve got points to grow for a full army from this strong foundation.

Thousand Sons: Court of The Crimson King

Image showing the contents of the Thousand Sons Court of the Crimson King Battleforce Box
UnitCost (£)PointsRole
1 Magnus the Red£95.00/$160.00420HQ
3 Exalted Sorcerers£36.00/$60.00100HQ
20 Rubric Marines£70.00/$120.00420Troops
TOTAL VALUE£201.00/£340.00
Cost per point£0.13/$0.22

Dropping Magnus the Red means the Thousand Sons box gets our vote for the best centrepiece of all the forces this year. As you’d expect this force comes in psychically heavy with the addition of those 3 exalted scorcerers. A big block of rubric marines rounds the box and provides an excellent core for a chaos lord to build upon. As an added bonus it also ranks third for savings and total points.

Imperial Fists: Bastion Strike Force

Image showing the contents of the Imperial Fists Bastion Strike Force Battleforce Box
UnitCost (£)PointsRole
1 Tor Garadon£26.00/$42.00135HQ
3 Primaris Aggressors£32.50/$55.00120Elites
15 Heavy Intercessors£120.00/$195.00420Troops
Imperial Fists Primaris Upgrades£16.00/$27.00N/A
TOTAL VALUE£194.50/$319.00
Cost per point£0.19/$0.31

The Imperial Fists take a bit of a battering here, being the lowest points force and needing quite a a few extra units to get it to an interesting place. A fairly standard foundation force and savings in line with the rest of the forces on the list, but nothing to really shout about.

Raven Guard: Ravenstrike Battleforce

Image showing the contents of the Raven Guard Ravenstrike Battle Force Battleforce Box
UnitCost (£/$)PointsRole
1 Kayvaan Shrike£26.00/$42.00135HQ
1 Librarian in Phobos Armour£21.00/$35.00100HQ
10 Primaris Reivers£36.00/$60.00180Elites
2 Invictor Tactical Warsuits£80.00/$130.00320Elites
3 Eliminators£32.50/$55.0075Heavy Support
TOTAL VALUE£195/$322
Cost per point£0.16/$0.25

I think of all the 40k battleforces this year the Raven Guard have got the most themeatic force. Shrike and the Reivers make a solid pairing for a sudden strike and the pair of warsuits and eliminators give them some meaty back up. It’s pretty tailored to a specific way of playing, but if you’re a fan of that then you’re looking at a solid box offering decent savings.

Having reviewed the 40k battleforce value there’s definitely something for fans of the armies on offer, but it feels like they’re targeted towards new players, or those that havent’t already got the named characters. They aren’t all fantastic but theres some strong foundations and averaging about 33% savings isn’t to be sniffed at. If you want to get the biggest 40k battleforce value then the Thousand Sons, Knights and Custodes are your best options in our opinion – but what do you think the best box is this year? Let us know in the comments!

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