Age Of Sigmar Battleforce Value Breakdown 2023

As winter draws closer and the year comes to a close we know we’re about to get treated to some of the best deals in Warhammer. The Age of Sigmar battleforces are just round the corner so we’re bringing you our AoS battleforce value breakdown so you can get the best deals. Last year the boxes came at £130 or $210. This year the prices have been confirmed at £135 or $220. Given the price rises we’ve seen across Games Workshops product line this year this was unfortunately expected.

There’s obviously different build options for some units which may effect final points values, but for the sake of the value breakdown we’re just using the box contents as advertised by Games Workshop.

If you you prefer your Warhammer a little more space-based don’t worry – we’ve already broken down the 40k battleforces!

Seraphon: Primordial Starhost

A Warhammer Community photo featuring the contents of the Primordial Starhost battleforce.
UnitCost (£)Points
1 Slaan Starmaster£52.50/$85290
10 Saurus Warriors£37.50/$60180
3 Kroxigor£37.50/$60160
3 Aggradon Lancers£37.50/$60190
Hunters of Huanchi£37.50/$60210
TOTAL VALUE£202.50/$325
Cost per point£0.13/$0.21

The first AoS battleforce on the list this year comes from the Seraphon. It provides a good number of the new Seraphon sculpts and a pretty solid start to an army. While we’re sure there’s plenty of existing Seraphon players who’d value this to bolster their current army, we think it lends itself more to a new player. Combine this box with a vanguard box for a strong melee force that could be rounded out with ranged units nicely. As a bonus you get the Hunters of Huanchi, which might not be a first choice for an army list but gives you the option of playing Warcry.

Ossiarch Bonereapers: Praetorian Spearhead

A Warhammer Community photo featuring the contents of the Praetorian Spearhead battleforce.
UnitCost (£)Points
1 Arch-Kavalos Zandtos£35/$60190
5 Kavalos Deathriders£37.50/$60190
20 Mortek Guard£37.50/$60260
1 Gothizzar Harvester£35/$60160
4 Morghast Archai£85/$140440
TOTAL VALUE£230/$380
Cost per point£0.11/$0.18

As far as we’re concerned this Ossiarch box is the star of this years AoS battleforces, offering excellent value. It has the largest savings by a large margin, and gives you the highest points value. In terms of its usefulness it’s fairly spot on for either a new army or an expansion. You could throw in a Mortisan Bonshaper and be off to a fantastic start with space to grow up to 2000 points. Equally, if you already had a death army that already includes Nagash you could pick this up and with some list modifications have a ready to go 2000 points of Bonereapers.

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Slaves To Darkness: Warhorde Of Eternus

A Warhammer Community photo featuring the contents of the Warhorde of Eternus battleforce.
UnitCost (£)Points
1 Eternus, Blade of the First£37.50/$60180
3 Ogroid Theridons£40/$65150
5 Chaos Knights£40/$65220
5 Chaos Chosen£37.50/$60230
10 Chaos Warriors£37.50/$60180
TOTAL VALUE£192.50/$310
Cost per point£0.14/$0.23

The Slaves to Darkness box definitely feels like it leans towards beginner players. While there’s scope for it as an expansion it’s hardly inspiring given that it’s the same units we’ve seen in other S2D boxes. However, if you’re a new player buying the battleforce and a vanguard box would give you a great value start to an Age of Sigmar army. A twenty strong Chaos Warrior core, with the five Chosen and three Ogroid Theridons in support. They can be back up by ten knights and a chariot for a fast wing, and lead by Eternus and a Chaos Lord on foot. That brings you to versatile 1640 point list, leaving you a good amount to spend on pretty much whatever you like to bring you up to 2000.

Soulblight Gravelords: Vengorian Court

A Warhammer Community photo featuring the contents of the Vengorian Court battleforce.
UnitCost (£)Points
1 Vengorian Lord£42.50/$70300
5 Blood Knights£42.50/$70230
20 Deathrattle Skeletons£37.50/$60220
10 Direwolves£35/$60150
3 Fell Bats£35/$6090
TOTAL VALUE£192.50/$320
Cost per point£0.14/$0.22

The Soulblight Gravelords are where we start to question the choices games workshop have made. While we can see the synergies in the other boxes this one feels off. Skeletons and direwolves are both good horde options (and we might be able to help you paint both the skeletons and wolves). The knights offer some punch and the bats providing some strong harassment. Our main issue is that those units don’t work well with their choice of leader. Vengorian Lords are made to buff monster units, none of which are in the lists. Coming in at 990 points means you have plenty of scope to add in some monsters, but it feels like you’re being pushed to do that rather than given something that works efficiently out the box.

What do you think about this years Age of Sigmar battleforce value? Are you planning to pick one up? We’d love to hear it in the comments!

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