10 Miniature Converters and Kitbashers to Inspire Your Creativity

The great thing about warhammer and miniatures in general is that different parts of the hobby appeal to different people. You might be driven by one of the many games, you might love the lore or you might love the painting. But one side of the hobby that often gets overlooked is conversion and kitbashing. For most of us that might be as simple as a head swap. In this article we wanted to share a few people who have taken conversion and kitbashing to the next level, with some creative, intricate, or superbly sculpted miniatures. Here are 10 miniature converters and kitbashers you need to check out.

Kasper Lyneborg


With an account name like ‘Kitbash Kasper’, you know you’re going to see some fun projects. A lot of Kasper’s projects look like they’d fit perfectly alongside armies,thanks to how seamless the conversion work is. He also posts ‘kitbash notes’, as a handy visual guide to what parts were used, as seen for the Squat Exo-armor above.

Laurence Sentner


We’ve featured Laurence before in our article on Grimdark painters, but given that his projects often consist of huge-scale conversions, it’s only natural for us to include him here too.

The images here honestly don’t do justice to the amount of small detail he puts into everything, so we’d highly recommend you take a look at his social media accounts and scroll through the many WIP shots and closeups. you’ll find there.

Timothée Ozouf


Timothée Ozouf is another painter who we featured in our article on Grimdark painters, but when you see his work I’m sure you’ll see why he deserves a spot in this list. Every model tells it’s own dark story.

Jon Davies


Jon Davies, known as JP Miniatures, has produced a number of great conversions. What’s great here is there’s a bit of variety between larger scale, more involved conversions, and some simpler, but equally effective conversions. Jon proves that some of the smaller-scale Warhammer games like Necromunda and Kill Team can be a perfect reason to make your models unique.

Pete The Wargamer


You might know Pete the Wargamer from his successful Youtube Channel. Most of Pete’s projects feature some level of conversion, whether based on existing lore, a lesser known faction, or just a fun creation. Thanks to the Youtube channel, you can watch the kitbashing process happen and understand the inspiration and logic behind them.

Joe Paine


Joe Paine may not have a huge conversion back-catalogue like some of the other people featured in this list, however his interest in the Aeldari has led to some stunningly characterful conversions. One of the conversions here, titled ‘The Window Cleaner’ even features tiny shards of glass as the Ranger leaps through. Pretty badass if you ask us.



Lestat_grim has carved himself a niche which nobody knew they needed, but everyone can admit is awesome – grimdark Tzeentch T’au. The combination of the clean lines of Tau mixed with the organic influences of Chaos makes for a truly disturbing combination.

Modern Synthesist


Modern Synthesist was part of the inspiration for putting together this list. If you’re into the creepy, monstrous vibe of the Tyranids, then you’re in luck. Modern Synthesist takes those key themes and amplifies them, producing models that are bigger, badder and often scarier than ever. Just take a look at that huge Tyranid Dominatrix, which measures in bigger than an Imperial Knight Titan.

Emil Alégroth


While many of the converters and kitbashers on this list try to create something completely unique, Emil Alégroth takes a different approach – set everything on fire. When you look closely, each model has had some impressive reposing and sculpting, but the Knight Titan is perhaps most impressive, apparently taking roughly 300 hours of work.

Andrea Buscaroli


Andrea Buscaroli – who goes by ‘The Warsinger’ is a little different to many of the people on this list, because of the extent to which his models are sculpted. One of the recurring projects Andrea works on are the mind-bending Necron C’tan, sculpted primarily with hot glue. These creations really evoke the feel of timeless gods with unknowable powers.

Any other great Converters and Kitbashers we haven’t mentioned? Let us know in the comments below!

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