We Enforced Our Will On These Arbites’ Paint Schemes

There’s another free warhammer miniature available this May. To celebrate the release of Killteam this month’s model is an Adeptus Arbites Arbitrator, available from the 13th of May.

As is now becoming a regular friendly challenge, we each headed to a local Warhammer store to build and take home a model, and painted them to compare our different approaches. Unfortunately not many of our regulars were able to get hold of them this month, or have been busy with our escalation league or other projects, but the few we did paint are absolutely gorgeous.

If you’ve painted this month’s model let us know. Send a picture or share a post with the @handfulofdice Instagram and we’ll show off our favourites to help inspire other painters taking on the same model.

Ben (AKA @manyotterminis)

I have been on a BIG X-Men kick recently. I’ve caught up on all the comics from the “Krakoan era” (since 2019), re-watched all the films, and bought some Marvel Crisis Protocol minis to paint. So when I was fishing around for inspiration for this model, that red single slit visor could mean only one thing. To me, my X…man.

Cyclops has had a lot of different outfits in his time, and certainly doesn’t look much like this now, but I took inspiration from a classic yellow and blue look that I think is from Uncanny X-Men. It’s not uncommon to use other art or IP as the basis of a colour scheme, but I’d usually try and make a more perfect match. None of Cyclops’s iconic looks are as armoured as an Arbitrator, and when your eyes shoot lasers it’s understandable you’re not know for carrying a laser gun. As a result I focused on matching a few key details and trusted the others would follow.

First was getting the right blue and yellow. The blue was very similar to my Ultramarine from last month, based on Talassar blue. The yellow was imperial fist yellow, highlighted with flash gitz yellow. These have become my go to recipes for any bright saturated yellow and blue and fit perfectly.

Next was the visor. I really wanted it to glow from the centre so I painted the red first making sure to get all the way up to pure white in the middle. The rest of Cyclops’s gear is also yellow, which included belts, holsters, and the radio backpack.

Finally the best way to communicate that this was an X-Men model, was a few X-Men logos dotted around, red and black on the pauldrons and base, and yellow on the side of the rifle.

As long as I’m still reading the comics I might take inspiration from a few more X-Men in months to come. Maybe a green and yellow rogue, or an elf with blue skin and a red leotard?

Niall (AKA @nb_minis)

I had a couple of goals in mind with this months mini. While my first thought was to paint them up as Judge Dredd I resisted the urge as I thought they’d make an excellent Clone Trooper. The bonus for this was I could develop my white recipe and develop a base idea for a blood bowl team I’m working on. I’m quite guilty of doing the bare minimum on white previously, just painting it corax and leaving it quite flat. This time I went all in, with a corax base, apothecary contrast, agrax wash and white scar highlight. While I’m the first to admit this whole model is a little rough around the edges I’m really happy with how the white has come out, and will definitely use this again in the future.

The base I’m less happy with. It’s the first time I’ve tried out 3D printed bases, and I’m aiming for a sandstone effect. I went for a wraithbone base, flayed one flesh layer, agrax wash and screaming skull later. I think I could have refined the whole base a bit more, and overall it needs a bit more textural variety. For the ‘final’ blood bowl bases I think I’m going to add some armageddon dune texture paint and maybe a tuft of grass or two.

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